Writing & Design Services

AprilFord_authorI’m driven by character and storytelling. As a coach/mentor, I encourage writers to explore and reveal the most challenging features of their characters and storylines. Through my experiences, I’ve learned not to be afraid of looking in dark corners or lifting dusty drapes, and I enjoy working with writers at all stages of their paths and careers to help them spark (or revive) boldness within themselves. I’m equally enthusiastic about syntax. Every word counts, and I have a lot of fun (I swear!) demonstrating how a single noun in a sentence can modify an entire page. When I’m not writing or working with other writers, I enjoy designing book interiors. I find the “break” between words and images brings me closer to the core of why we write.

Here’s the list of the services I offer:

– Short-, medium-, and long-term coaching/mentoring for individuals at all stages of the writing process (in person / via Skype / combination of both)
– Short story-, novella-, and novel-writing group workshops (3–6 participants per group / groups responsible for providing workshop locations)
– Developmental editing for book-length fiction (includes detailed letter, margin notes, and follow-up phone conversation)
– Personalized plan to maximize visibility as an author, whether to interest agents and publishers or sell more copies of an existing book
– Book interior design: paperback and eBook (portfolio upon request)

If you’re interested in working with me, I would love to hear from you! Contact me by clicking here.

* For Canadian clients, I base my fees on current Professional Writers Association of Canada rates.
* For American clients, I base my fees on current Editorial Freelancers Association rates.